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Dec 1, 2016

Carrot and sweet potato soup with hazelnuts

- 6 big carrots;
- one parsley root;
- one celery stalk;
- 1/2 big sweet potato (or one small one);
- one medium onion;
- one garlic clove;
- optionally, you can add the following spices (if you cook for kids, use less ginger as it gives a spicy touch, otherwise I advise on using all spices): 1 cm ginger (either whole - if you want to remove it in the end - or grated if you want to blend it in the soup), 2 fresh lime leaves, zest of 1/2 lemon (organic), a pinch of cumin, a few fresh coriander leaves (before blending the soup you will remove the coriander and lime leaves and you can also remove the piece of ginger if you don't want the soup to be too spicy);
- one handful raw hazelnuts (or peanuts).

In a big pot place one liter of water and bring to a boil. Add the carrots and sweet potato, peeled and cut in thick slices, the parsley root (peeled, whole or cut in half) and the celery stalk (whole or cut in half), onion and garlic (peeled, whole). Reduce the fire, put the lid on and simmer over low heat for 20-30 minutes, until the vegetables are soft. Add the spices and let simmer for 5 more minutes and then let the soup cool (lid on the pot).
When the liquid has cooled enough to be blended, remove the celery stalk, parsley root, garlic, lime and coriander leaves and (if you want) ginger. Pour the soup and the remaining vegetables in the food processor and blend until you get a smooth paste (you can also use a hand blender).
Serve with sour cream and chopped hazelnuts (for a crispy texture) or with ground hazelnuts (for children it is recommended to serve the hazelnuts ground, to avoid choking). If you want to go vegan, skip the cream or replace it with a vegan version.


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