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Oct 6, 2016

Our little daughter's 1st Birthday

Last Sunday we threw a small party for our little girl (she turned one).
We had a barbecue in open air, as we wanted to take advantage of the last warm day of this fall. This didn't mean that we only ate grilled meat. I prepared some quiches with vegetables and meat, corn muffins with cheese, a plate with French cheese selection (for the adults) and many baby-friendly desserts - banana bread, cozonac (a special Romanian sweet bread), biscuits, tapioca pudding etc.

I have to admit, planning and preparing the menu took a lot of time, but the result was delicious, so it was worth it. In the next days I will post all the recipes, maybe they inspire you for the next party you organize for the kids.

The quiches were the most appreciated, they were eaten the fastest :)

Photos were taken by Tamara Boskovici Dereta, whom you can find on facebook  and instagram.

See you soon!

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