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Oct 8, 2016

Pancakes filled with whole bananas

On weekends, when we are all at home and we don't have to rush anywhere, I like to prepare something special for breakfast. A nice idea I saw on Pinterest (the original recipe is here) were these pancakes filled with whole bananas.

For the pancakes
- one egg;
- 1 cup milk;
- 1 cup flour;
- a pinch of baking powder;
- a pinch of vanilla powder;
- 1 tsp carob powder.

For the filling:
- one very ripe banana and 1 tsp carob powder
- peanut butter

For the inner part:
- 2 whole bananas.

Place all the pancake ingredients in a blender, except for the carob powder and mix until smooth. Bake 3 white pancakes (make them the size of the pan, not small ones). Place them on a plate and set aside.
Add the carob powder to the remaining pancake mix and bake 3 more brown pancakes.

Separately, mix a pureed banana with 1 tsp carob powder and blend until smooth. (I intended to use peanut butter but I learned that it had already been eaten).

On a wide plate place a white pancake, add a teaspoon of filling, spread that on the whole pancake surface and top with a brown pancake. Add a new layer of filling and place a whole banana on top, in the middle. Roll the two pancakes around the banana. Slice the roll with a sharp knife.

Repeat until you finish the pancakes. You can add more layers to every roll.


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